Mastering Resilience and Grit with Mike Aidala

by Mar 21, 2022

Focus on breaking your limits, one rep at a time

Finding your center is the key to unlocking strength you were not even sure you were capable of. Finite and concentrated focus can lead to breakthroughs that are scarcely beyond belief. 

Mike Aidala is the perfect example of how that mindset yields unimaginable results. 

Mike is curious. He’s always thinking of what his limits are and how he can surpass them. His recent world-record breaking Turkish Get Up achievement is just one example of his expert level of resolve and focus. Minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day, he lifted a kettlebell above his head, stood up, sat down, and did it all over again. 

His world record is just one highlight of his catalog of achievements, and Mike has been helping other men push their limits and improve their focus for over 15 years. He’ll be doing just that as our featured speaker at March’s Meeting of Men on Monday, the 28th.

The question he always comes back to is this. How can I build more confidence, self-esteem, or develop a deeper relationship with myself? The answer is action. Breaking your preconceived limit is an act, not just a mindset. On this epic episode of Becoming Kings, Mike and I explore every facet of focus, grit, and resilience.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Always up for epic shit! (1:38)
  • What IS the Turkish Get Up? (11:47)
  • Embracing communication for change. (23:09)
  • You’ve got to start with yourself. (33:31)
  • Resilience & Grit. (43:10)
  • Sitting at the circle together! (50:15)

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