Maximizing Midlife with Greg Scheinman

by Mar 7, 2022

The top of the mountain is only half the journey

Greg Scheinman wanted for nothing as he grew up in New York City. Everything was on the table for him, as long as his best friend and mentor, his father, was there for him. Then everything changed. 

Stricken by cancer, his father tragically passed away at the age of 47. Left to his own devices, Greg was left feeling angry, struggling with substance abuse, and recklessly thrashing about in life, gasping for air. 

Looking in the mirror, with his hair thinning, weight gaining, and drinking everyday, he thought of his father. Would he be proud of the man Greg had become?

That was when he invested in himself. 

On top of being a successful entrepreneur, loving husband of two decades, and father to two sons, Greg coaches men in midlife to find their own definition of success, reorient their lives around fulfillment, and discover that everything after midlife is not a downward slope.

Join Greg and I for this insightful, honest, and personal conversation. Let’s invest in ourselves and turn the midlife “crisis” into a turning point toward growth and prosperity.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • You want God to laugh, make a plan. (0:46)
  • Adding value & networking. (11:43)
  • Getting that wake-up call. (22:38)
  • Reverse engineering your dream lifestyle. (35:45)
  • Reframing the “midlife crisis”. (45:28)
  • Find what & who, that works best for you. (54:21)

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