Meeting King Leonidas

by Apr 28, 2021

Face to face with the King (Leonidas) himself…

I finally met Gerard Butler. In fact, I manifested him to show up! 

I’m kidding of course, in reality I didn’t conjure Gerard to show up in my life, however it feels like a huge “divine coincidence” that I had an experience with him. I definitely won’t forget anytime soon. There’s something about meeting the people you look up to that lands differently.

He’s not some famous person with this inaccessible aura, because in reality Gerard isn’t just a high-profile, talented guy. He’s human just like you and I.  

Something I learned in talking to him is just how “normal” his experience of life is. Like the rest of us, he has his ups and downs, and having him be vulnerable with me was inspiring and thought provoking. 

Want to hear more about our time together over the weekend? Check out this episode as I dive into my wild chance meeting with the actor who plays one of my fictional heroes.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Is manifestation truly possible? (1:12)
  • I love me some warrior movies! (4:31)
  • Instagram. (8:07)
  • Things are getting crazy now. (11:38)
  • He’s doing the work. Good on him! (15:23)
  • Stress means you’re separate from Source. (16:13)
  • More to come! (19:14)

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