Men, Remain Masculine!

by Sep 9, 2020

Don’t turn off your ability to make decisions in a relationship.

I can’t stress this enough: if you become a pleaser in a relationship, you’re halfway down a slippery slope. 

Do you really want to become a hollow tool in your relationship?

Or do you want to be the fullness of who you are? I understand very well how it happens. Our fathers, or the male figures in our lives, haven’t modeled the ability to decision-make in relationships. Everything is about “Yes, Dear,” and “Anything for you.” 

The truth is that that’s just as disrespectful to yourself as it is to your significant other. If you want to have a truly healthy relationship you’ve got to rebalance the scales. Not to make a power play, rather to foster mutual respect for the sake of your future with the person you love.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Defining who you want to be. (2:16)
  • Masculine vs Feminine. (4:27)
  • Do not give up your masculinity. (7:25)
  • Letting go of perfection. (10:37)
  • Take responsibility for designing your relationship. (14:15)

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