Netflix & Chillin’

by Oct 9, 2020

Everybody across the street has a massive TV in their living room.

Each night when I close up my house and shut my blinds I see the luxury apartments across the street… and sometimes I just watch people exist for a few minutes. 

Every apartment I can see into has a massive TV that each resident sits in front of for a few hours every night. From my view it’s always fascinating to see what people are watching or doing. Reflecting on this daily occurrence has me thinking about how I spend my evenings, and how I view resting. 

As with all things, I think moderation is key. How we rest can waste our time, and ultimately leave us feeling dissatisfied as we look back. However, sometimes we work way too hard and don’t rest enough, which also leaves us feeling dissatisfied as we look back. 

So in this episode I want to chat about the infamous Netflix and chill… and why relaxing in moderation can be the key to a happier life!

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Windows into the world. (1:12)
  • What are you currently watching? (6:08)
  • What is moderation? (11:19)
  • Taking a dime from a dollar. (19:29)
  • Creating healthy entertainment boundaries. (22:51)
  • Riding the struggle bus. (16:54)

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