One of My Top Productivity Hacks

by Feb 1, 2021

It’s all about high-stakes accountability.

Have you ever made a deal with someone that was so crazy, it just had to work? Maybe as a kid, however as adults sometimes we get the idea in our head that we can’t take risks. Well let me tell you something about risk: 

It CAN be a good motivator. The catch is that you can’t use it too recklessly. The risk needs to be just enough to be unnerving, yet not so much that it’s overwhelming. We’re looking for results here, not fear! 

“Johnny what does this have to do with accountability?” 

Let me cut to the chase… back in the day my buddy and I had an accountability partnership with just each other. Yet sometimes, we’d let ourselves be lazy and cut corners. We were accomplishing more because of the effort, it just wasn’t as much as we’d wanted it to be. 

So one day, I created a wager so ridiculous, he couldn’t help but say yes. We put enough on the line that it drove us to succeed. Unfortunately, you’ll have to listen to the episode to find out what that wager was, and how it changed EVERYTHING for us!

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • You’ll always do more for others. (0:36)
  • Enrolling someone to support you helps 100%. (2:28)
  • My FREE 5-Day Productivity Challenge. (5:37)
  • Putting my money where my mouth is. (8:07)
  • Creating an artificial sense of urgency. (11:16)

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