Overcoming Alcohol & Chasing Golf Dreams with Ryan Schumacher

by May 10, 2021

It definitely wasn’t a Happy Gilmore situation.

He was known as the drinker—the fun guy—little did anyone know that he would spend every night drinking with or without people. 

Ryan Schumacher had everything going for him. He grew up with an amazing family dynamic, played college hockey on a scholarship, tons of friends; it all came fairly easily to him. That is until he got a job at a bar and his father was diagnosed with cancer. 

At 20 years old, Ryan was hiding behind a bottle and wasn’t prepared for what life would throw his way. Not even when he was hospitalized for seven days and the doctor walked out on him was he willing to admit there was a problem. 

Ten years later, hungover from the night before, he had a spiritual experience that would catapult him into joining Alcoholics Anonymous (AA). The structure of the program combined with the people he met changed life for him forever. 

Ryan has overcome the odds and is even now pursuing a career as a professional golfer at 45 years young. He’s motivated by the grind, it’s part of the dream in his eyes. He will find a way to do anything and everything he believes he can do. 

Even if you are sick like Ryan was and in the hospital, this story may serve as inspiration for you that you can always turn it around and claim what life has in store for you. In this episode, Ryan and I discuss resilience, true feelings of pursuit, and what it means to do whatever it takes.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Day in the life of Ryan. (2:46)
  • A different approach to dealing with loss. (11:36)
  • Riding the alcohol train. (20:24)
  • The moment everything changed. (29:12)
  • Shooting for the stars. (38:07)
  • Reaching out to ask for help. (45:49)
  • Turning life around. (53:07)

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