Overcoming Your Anxiety

by Feb 10, 2021

Are you living in a bubble?

Anxiety has a funny way of making us feel safe. What I mean is, anxiety fully realized tends to push us further and further into ourselves, into spaces where we’re protected from what bothers us. 

Even though we end up feeling “safe” we’re really only limiting our potential to shift and grow in our lives. I think about all the times I began to cave to anxiety and how it threatened to derail my trajectory. 

Yet the thing that always brought me back from entering the anxiety bubble was the realization that I didn’t want to feel safe. I wanted to feel deeply challenged. 

In my years of coaching other people, I’ve met many who haven’t felt the same way, until we’ve done the work to prove that challenge > safe. Overcoming anxiety starts with both mindset and understanding your feelings. 

Today, we’re going to burst the bubble. Are you ready?

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • How often do you feel nervous, panicked, unhinged? (0:36)
  • The cause of anxiety. (2:58)
  • It takes years to build and seconds to destroy. (5:49)
  • 60 seconds to breathe. (9:28)
  • What you can do to lower your anxiety. (12:10)
  • Do. The. Work. And tag me in your posts! (14:30)

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