Pain and Conflict Resolution with Anu Lawrence

by Apr 19, 2021

Alignment, balance, and healing the body.

Most of the time, our bodily injuries have more to do with what’s already faltering, rather than whatever fall, impact, or sprain caused it in the first place. And my guest, Anu Lawrence, is the master in helping people find out the crux of the problem. 

He’s the owner of Egoscue, a practice that helps people overcome chronic pain and musculoskeletal problems without medicine or costly medical bills. Anu’s aim is to treat the body and mind by treating the problem, not the symptom—most pain is caused by something being out of alignment. 

The tech they use can help identify where you’re overcompensating for something else in your body. 

From there, Anu can recommend specialized exercises and stretches to put the body back in alignment with itself. For example, someone going through his process might find out the reason they deal with a lot of pain on the left side of their body is a result of the right side being too tight. 

Participating in designed recovery can alleviate that and impact every area of your life. This approach to healing isn’t just for the body, it’s for the mind, soul, and emotions.

In this interview, Anu and I sit down and go deep into the nature of healing, and how alleviating pain in every area of our lives can bring the wholeness and healing we seek.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • What is the Egoscue Method? (2:47)
  • Working with Pete Egoscue. (11:27)
  • The cost of “being broken”. (22:51)
  • Selflessness & win-win’s. (34:00)
  • Celebrating his wins. (45:51)
  • Little moments of intentionality. (56:13)
  • It’s the absence of limitation. (1:04:53)

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