Part One: The Father’s Wound

by Jul 1, 2020

Our fathers make a deep impact on our lives.

On the day of my divorce, something stood out to me: every person in the divorce court line was a woman… there were zero men with them. 

In that moment it made me realize that something is very wrong with masculinity. 

People get divorced when their relationships are broken or just aren’t working. And as I’ve grown as a man, and embraced a healthier masculinity, it’s shown me that many of these marriages are failing because of the wounds our fathers leave in us. 

No, it isn’t all our fathers’ faults. It’s that the root of our problems of masculinity start with them. Present or not, every father has said or done something that changed the trajectory of our lives. For me, my father modeled passivity. 

And I brought that to every relationship, including my failed marriage. As a kid I was a “mama’s boy,” and I realize now that I was leaving it up to others to accept me—especially women. 

In this episode we’re going to go deep into the ways our fathers impacted our masculinity.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Where are all the men? (2:10)
  • Inflicting the wound (5:45)
  • Taking my question to the woman (13:30)
  • Taking your power back to reign over your own life (16:00)
  • 3 Steps to creating the life you hope and dream for (19:55)

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