Becoming Kings

Becoming Kings Podcast is for any man pursuing greater abundance and fulfillment in life, especially when he knows he’s not living up to his greatest potential. “What does it take to be powerful, purpose-driven and fulfilled?” It means becoming a King. It means doing the difficult work of breaking down the old masculine paradigms and becoming whole, healthy, and trustworthy. In order for men to move into this King energy, they need a guide. A way out of the old ways of being a man of oppression, repression, and aggression and instead, walking a path toward becoming a King; a man of strength, clarity, and fulfillment. This podcast is that guide and it starts here!

What To Do If You Feel Like You’re Stuck

Be professional in all you do.

The old adage, “How you do one thing is how you do everything else,” holds true today. Take a moment and think, when is the last time you truly put 100% effort into everything you do? 

Many of us believe we need motivation to sustain high effort. And it’s this belief that keeps us feeling stagnant in our progress, continuing to hold us back. Maybe it’s your self-esteem. Or your natural inclination to cling to comfort. 

Either way, you can wake up from sleepwalking, discover your purpose, and break through the barriers holding you back. It’s all up to you. Oftentimes, the right guidance cultivates an epiphany. 

In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, I share my secrets to fostering discipline, how to break through your current cycle, and what it takes to be the King of your Kingdom. Building consistent momentum can be challenging — give this episode a listen to begin reinventing yourself. 

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Who knew going no alcohol helps? (0:46)
  • The answers are simple. (8:10)
  • Reinventing yourself. (15:51)
  • Building the muscle of self-esteem. (24:07)
  • Natural cycle of throwing in the towel. (30:10)
  • Dreaming of new adventures. (36:03)

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The Crossroads Between Expectations & Appreciation

“The universe is transformation; life is opinion.” -Marcus Aurelius

The world operates in a constant state of change and transformation. Every thought rewires your brain differently. Every action or decision has an effect elsewhere. While we may not control other people’s actions, we can always control our expectations and reactions to external events. 

Marcus Aurelius practiced Stoicism, a philosophy grounded on the idea of controlling one’s inner state instead of allowing circumstances to dictate thoughts, feelings, and behavior. It’s entirely different than what we’re taught. By changing expectations, you can morph your reality into its ideal form —  it’s just a matter of how. 

In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, I share the secret other high performers (like Tony Robbins) use to manage expectations and create uncompromising, palpable purpose in their lives. Give this episode a listen if you want to go from a passive observer to a self-aware, emotionally intelligent man on a mission.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Not what was expected. (0:46)
  • Abandoning ourselves. (4:56)
  • Learning not to judge shortcomings. (9:16)
  • It’s not always rainbows and sunshine. (13:20)
  • Commit to excellence & gratitude. (16:29)

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The Tension Between Authenticity and Attachment with Duey Freeman

Move through pain with relationships.

Brother, when we’re faced with trauma it can often feel inescapable. The pain can be so devastating that we do what we can to either forget all about it or overthink it. By doing so it often ends with you feeling more lost, misunderstood, and numb than in the first place. 

The truth is that bottling trauma and overthinking aren’t the right approaches to moving forward. Trauma is best dealt with by building new bridges and relationships over shared connections, beliefs, and experiences. The feeling of love, belonging, and companionship goes a long way when healing pain. 

In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, I sit down with Duey Freeman, a licensed therapist and expert in personal growth and healing. Duey and I share what differentiates addiction versus passion, the key to genuine attachment, and the exact process for healing trauma. Give this episode a listen for insight on emotional healing. 

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • The pain that shapes us as men. (0:46)
  • Duey’s love for horses & equine therapy. (10:13)
  • Our bodies keep the score. (24:01)
  • The various parts of healing. (36:43)
  • How trauma makes us feel like prey. (50:03)
  • Authenticity is the key to creating genuine attachment. (59:49)
  • The journey of growth never ends. (1:13:29)

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The First Step Towards Dealing with Depression

Breaking mental barriers.

The first step in any journey is the most challenging. If you were to push a heavy boulder, the hardest part would be to get it rolling. Once the boulder is in motion, it’s much easier to keep it moving than to start from zero. 

When you’re building a new habit, finding your purpose, or starting a new venture, taking the first steps is most important. Get the boulder moving. By creating momentum, you foster additional motivation and drive. And through forward progress, you’ll overcome obstacles, change self-beliefs, and break mental barriers.

In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, I share advice for finding the motivation and drive that many of us face difficulty with sustaining. Additionally, I discuss the secret to releasing more “hope molecules” and how identifying your purpose will resolve feelings of depression.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Why are relationships such a challenge? (0:46)
  • A lack of purpose can be deteriorating. (5:03)
  • From boys to men. (11:20)
  • Hope molecules. (15:02)
  • Taking your purpose another level deeper. (20:21)
  • The first step towards dealing with depression. (25:26)

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How to Rig The Game of Life in Your Favor

Your beliefs dictate reality.

Have you ever heard of “self-actualization?”

By definition, self-actualization is the realization or fulfillment of one’s talents and potentialities. In other words, it’s how your beliefs reflect in your reality, regardless of positivity or negativity. In modern times, many of us believe the story we tell ourselves is set in stone. Forever unchanged. 

Whether it’s that we aren’t good enough, lack in certain areas, or that other circumstances are “holding us back,” it’s crucial to understand how our beliefs shape reality. The first step is knowing our beliefs can be reprogrammed like software. 

Science tells us that regardless of age, our brains are constantly rewiring and changing themselves. When you begin to rewire your beliefs, you’ll be amazed at how your world changes around you. 

In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, I share my method for reframing your beliefs so you can transform your reality. You control your purpose, vision, and drive, all through your beliefs. When you won’t believe in yourself, who else will?

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Fruit pouches are the shhhhiat! (0:46)
  • Fallin’ off the wagon. (1:57)
  • Chipping away at resistance. (6:41)
  • Proving something to yourself. (12:10)
  • The grind is motivated by insecurity. (17:52)
  • Dig into the power of breath work & meditation. (22:51)

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Lessons Learned From My Biggest Real Estate Failure

Experience is the best teacher.

When faced with adversity, we often draw upon our past experiences for the knowledge, wisdom, and discernment to make the best decision. You receive the test first, and the lesson afterward. 

For some of us, we’re hesitant to take action for the fear of negative consequences. For others, we might brazenly make decisions. And in both situations, the lessons learned are more impactful than any book or how-to video could teach you.

In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, I share one of the biggest mistakes I’ve made in real estate and how it’s shaped my perspective on approaching action. If you’ve ever struggled with indecisiveness or wanted to get into real estate, give this episode a listen. 

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Expensive lessons learned. (0:46)
  • Taking action. (6:51)
  • Learning in retrospect. (13:32)
  • Not stepping over dollars to pick up pennies. (20:41)
  • Creating an “all weather” investment strategy. (26:53)

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Keeping your Eyes & Ears Open

Asking “why” and “why not.”

When someone tells you something about life, be it a doctor, professor, or reliable friend, do you automatically believe what they say? 

If you answered yes, great. As humans, we’re innately wired to believe and trust other humans, especially those we perceive as “more knowledgeable” than ourselves. 

It makes sense that we tend to immediately believe what we’re told with so much of our time being preoccupied. It takes a lot of mental energy to ask ourselves why we’re being told X, or why we aren’t being told Y. Yet by thinking critically, you increase your awareness, improve your decision making, and empower personal growth. 

In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, I share why thinking critically is vital to your peace of mind and individual growth. Challenging your beliefs is how you grow and adapt as a man. And if something doesn’t grow, it decays.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • This concerns me… (0:46)
  • Why are we being lied to? (5:32)
  • Not a fan or authority. (10:18)
  • Is it all just black and white or possibly gray? (15:07)
  • Can you have a mature conversation? (19:27)

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Eliminating Stress For Greater Fulfillment

Set up your life the way you want it.

Do you ever catch yourself doing something you know isn’t productive? Maybe it’s swiping up on Instagram, burning time going back and forth on your desktop screen, not getting anywhere, or being unable to find a YouTube video that satisfies you. In the end, it comes back to one core issue. 

Friction. Nearly all of us experience immense resistance as it’s challenging to overcome the first step. We’d like our lives to work out perfectly — yet that sometimes leads to never taking action in the first place. That’s why your first step should be identifying the areas in your life that cause friction. 

In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, I share insight on cleansing your life of procrastination and how to train your mind into liking difficult tasks. If you’re looking for a challenge and have been overwhelmed with distractions, give this episode a listen.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • LIVE from the gym. (0:46)
  • What areas of your life create friction? (2:28)
  • What are your chicken exits? (4:36)
  • Life requires courage. (7:47)
  • Where do you avoid doing difficult things? (10:04)

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Why Men Need Challenge

Challenge breeds growth.

Nearly all of us want to evolve, improve, and grow. It’s in our nature to get better and be competitive with ourselves and others. At the same time, we get pushed in the other direction — stagnation. Without momentum toward growth, we become accustomed to staying the same and, in some cases, becoming worse off. 

If challenge breeds growth, ask yourself how you’ve been testing yourself recently. What do you desire? Have you taken steps to get there? 

Many of us, myself included, fall into the category of stagnating. And it’s because we forget to push ourselves. So how do we continuously challenge ourselves so we always grow? In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, I share details about the Code of Kings (you’ll want to know about this), how to define the man you want to be, and why motivation alone won’t always cut it.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • The Code of Kings. (0:46)
  • Clearly defining the man you want to be. (5:11)
  • Significance vs humility. (10:43)
  • Challenge promotes respect. (16:00)
  • Letting go of gaining people’s approval. (20:24)

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Your Beliefs Determine Who You Become

Analyze your beliefs, change your trajectory.

If you want to be more confident, successful, or improve your relationships, analyze your current state. What do you want your life to be like? How do you want your life to feel?

Living the life you want and being who you want doesn’t require a magic pill. All it takes is the awareness that you’re not where you want to be and the small, consistent action toward the future you. Make the choices your future self would want you to make.

Intention alone isn’t enough. The intention coupled with your behavior and action will create the person, the man, you want to become.

In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, I share the process for becoming who you want to be and the understanding of what it will take to get there. Plus, an inside scoop on my newest program.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Becoming the You, the You you want to be. (0:46)
  • Who are you committed to being? (6:20)
  • Racing an Indy Car Driver. (12:02)
  • The thoughts you believe, determine the man you become. (19:24)
  • The power of clarity, belief and emotion. (26:14)

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