Productivity & Energetics with Lucas Root

by Nov 1, 2021

Honing on productivity.

Lucas Root is the consummate entrepreneur. A consultant, investor, women’s personal coach, and business mentor, he has built a diverse and successful portfolio. What traits does he attribute his success to? 

Productivity and energy. 

Lucas has focused routines and habits that are conducive to healthy and efficient productivity.  He has used these techniques to train himself to be productive at everything from building businesses to chopping vegetables. Productivity is ingrained in every part of his life. 

Delineating between masculine and feminine productivity is another key part of Lucas’ work. Often we see these two traits as being opposites, but Lucas actually sees them as being in synergy. They feed off and are reliant on each other for success. In his eyes, we need to function as a battery, with ions working in tandem with each other with the ability to recharge. Too often we work like a gas tank, where we are forced into channeling our energy to work until the light comes on at “E.” 

On this episode of Becoming Kings, let’s find out how we can function more as a battery than a gas tank. How can we channel our energy into being more productive and efficient with our time?

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • The man, the myth. (0:47)
  • We’re all creatures of routine. (7:21)
  • Masculine & feminine. (15:20)
  • Energetic archetypes. (25:09)
  • The masculine that holds space and protects. (37:27)
  • Where will innovation happen tomorrow? (43:22)

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