Read to Teach with Kevin Holtz

by Mar 8, 2021

Doing more with the time we have.

Can you imagine leaving a stable, salaried job behind, for a full-commission role? That’s exactly what Kevin Holtz did when he left behind his full-time nursing job to start working in business. 

This one change opened up doors to become a business owner and motivational speaker, along with many opportunities he never expected. How was Kevin able to manage such a drastic shift in his life successfully?

Books. Like, a ton of books. 

Kevin often reads 2-3 books a week, every week. His business mentors taught him that in order to become a leader he’d have to read constantly, learn constantly, teach… constantly. By relentlessly pursuing knowledge, Kevin has come to understand the roles he plays in his (and others’) lives better than ever before. 

He owes much of his success to reading and teaching other people. In the pursuit of doing something more meaningful he’s discovered a desire to constantly give and impact others. Sharing what he learns is his way of giving back to friends, family, and the communities around him. 

This time on The Johnny King Show, you’re going to learn what it looks like to lead like Kevin, pursue the knowledge you need to grow and challenge yourself, while also leaving behind a legacy that serves everyone you care about.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Intro to who Kevin Holtz is. (1:01)
  • Mindset. Gifted or acquired? (7:47)
  • How the hunger for book reading was born. (16:16)
  • An example to emulate. (24:31)
  • Negative vs positive thoughts. (32:41)
  • Benefits of pouring positive thoughts in! (39:24)
  • Health begets more health. (45:38)

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