Ready, Fire! Aim?

by Mar 5, 2021

What are you putting off out of caution?

Some like to plan, take their time, and make a move when they’re ready. Others like a bit of chaos and uncertainty to drive their efforts.

I’m the kind of guy who just goes for it. As someone who gets tripped up by analysis paralysis, I’ve found that jumping into something even if I don’t totally have a plan works better. 

Which is how I ended up having to teach myself stick shift. 

Take a journey with me, back to my post-college days where I’d just started working with a start up in St. Louis. I wasn’t making a ton of money, however I did have some spare cash laying around for a new car… Where am I going with this one?

You’ll need to listen to this episode of The Johnny King Show, to find out how I landed myself in that mess, while also learning how changing up your decision making pattern could be just the change you need.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Which way do you tend to lean? (0:57)
  • Give me all the bells & whistles please! (3:43)
  • Sorry sir, that’s just not gonna work. (7:43)
  • Teaching myself how to drive stick. (11:58)
  • What are you putting off out of fear? (14:56)
  • Find your risk tolerance and take action! (17:31)

Listen to the episode

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