Relationship Trouble? Masculine vs Feminine Explained

by Sep 1, 2021

Ironing out our energies.

One of the things guys constantly come to me about is relationship problems. And one of the more specific complaints they bring up, one way or another, is the energy imbalance they suffer with partners. 

Part of the issue we need to address is this assumption that men have to masculine and women have to be feminine. Truth is, as our society has changed, folks are all over the emotional energy spectrum. 

When we resist those natural pulls we start to feel stressed… and it can breed dysfunction in our romantic lives. 

Likewise, stress in any form can hopelessly affect our energies in a way that almost always causes relationships to suffer. Yet we also can’t just go back to the old time-y ways of doing masculine and feminine—that’s just not how the world works anymore. 

On this episode of the Becoming Kings podcast, we’re going to look at the difference between the two energies, how we embody them, and what we can do to help our significant other or future romantic partners get on the same page.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • TWOTSM Intro. (1:34)
  • How does stress impact polarity? (5:52)
  • Feminine goes Masculine. Masculine goes Feminine. (11:08)
  • Sexual neutrality. (16:54)
  • Sexual energy test. (22:52)
  • You must live on the edge! (28:07)

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