Relationships and the Urgency for Healing

by Jan 7, 2022

Do you wanna go steady with me?

We expose our truest selves to others when we are in committed relationships. So when they end in heartbreaking fashion, we’re inevitably left feeling hurt, confused, and wondering where life will take us next. That trauma can often go unresolved because of just how difficult it is to face in the wake of despair we feel post breakup.

An added complication is that we often carry that trauma into prospective relationships. We’re trying to find compatibility with someone else, when we still haven’t resolved our own hurt feelings and not committing to healing and moving forward. If left unresolved, this trauma can leave us feeling like we’re sleepwalking into future intimate relationships. 

Let’s discuss what is right in front of our faces, but that we hide in fear of being hurt again. How do we rise to the occasion and allow ourselves to live a life of fulfillment with someone who loves us by our side?

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Would you go steady with me? (0:48)
  • Why no tears? (4:47)
  • Are you staying because it’s safe? (8:32)
  • Are you able to see what’s right in front of you? (11:57)
  • Easy come, easy go. (15:31)

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