Men come together as strangers and depart as brothers.


Two-Day Brotherhood Experience

Imagine spending two full days with a group of incredible men where we’ll be going deep into creating greater efficiencies in your physical health, your relationships, and purpose in life! The brothers shared stories, laughs, and round up cattle on horseback for a weekend in August 2019. 

Three-Day Brotherhood Weekend

Imagine strapping on snowshoes, trekking through the pristine back country near Winter Park, Colorado to a beautiful, rustic cabin with 12 of your brothers, and experiencing the adventure of a lifetime. Getting away from the distractions of everyday city life, digging into a way of living that was the ONLY way for centuries, and reclaiming your warrior’s heart. Just that happened for the brothers that joined Johnny in November 2019. 

The Next Brotherhood Experience

Experiences where you invest time, resources, and energy into becoming the best version of yourself, AND build an unbreakable bond with like-minded brothers.

These retreats with Johnny King are for you if…

  • You desire to live your one and only life by tapping into your greatest potential as a man
  • You’re not willing to settle for living a life of mediocrity of trial and error when you know you can speed up your results by surrounding yourself with others who are playing at the highest level
  • You’re ready to create life-long friendships with fellow brothers, all while having the time of your life, laughing, connecting and growing

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