One More Step – Read This Important Note

Wake Up Tomorrow Morning Refreshed, Empowered, and Ready to Reign Over Your Day – Like a King!

Brother, if you are waking up each morning pulling yourself out of bed, loading up on caffeine, feeling dispassionate, and lacking focus, then this message is for you…

Imagine with me for a moment…

Before you is a blank planner page. It’s broken up into a 24-hour day. You have a pen. And whatever activities you write into the hours of the day, they’ll come to pass. No matter how you fill in the blanks, that’s what’s going to happen.

What would you choose to do? It could be anything.

Would you spend time with your family? Hang out with friends? Spend the whole day working on a project? A hobby? Travel?

If everything that happened during that 24 hours were completely up to you…what would your day be?

Believe it or not, taking a very close look at how you spend your time is the first step to a life of fulfillment.

Because we all spend our time in ways we’d rather not. The things we HAVE to do always take priority over the things we WANT to do.

“Well, that’s life,” we say. “Adults have responsibilities. We can’t just blow off our duties and do whatever we want.”

To an extent, this is true. Yet when you step back and look at the big picture…It’s not really that simple.

Think about it: We’re all in control of our actions. We are the masters of our own lives. And there are many things we could do to maximize our fulfillment, yet don’t. Maybe because they’re too difficult. Or time-consuming. Or perhaps we just don’t know how.

I’m here to tell you something very important: There is a better way.

Face it: if you’re not 100% happy with where you are in life, whose responsibility is that? Do you feel helpless? Lack confidence? Feel trapped in your job, relationship, or finances?

Only you have the power to affect the direction of your destiny.

Before becoming an author, life used to look a lot different from what you see today.

A few years ago, I was struggling. And struggling hard. We’ve been over how trapped I felt in my life, career, and empty relationship.

I craved fulfillment. I craved the clarity to pursue a purpose. Yet most days, it was a struggle just to make it through the day. Some days would be better than others, yet it certainly was not the dream life people talk about. It felt more like floating through life.

Have you ever felt this way?

When I stopped focusing on the wrong things, I was able to pull myself out of that tailspin. I changed my mindset from one of scarcity to one of fulfillment. And I got my life back on-track in a big way.

And that started one day at a time.

I used to study all sorts of books and attend personal development programs. Very little of the tactics stuck, which led me to a massive realization.

If I cannot reign over my day, how could I reign over the Kingdom that is my life?

I needed to STOP with the overwhelming delusions of grandeur, and start with the simple things right in front of me that I can control. Making my bed. Getting good rest. Exercising. Fueling my body and mind. Having a clear plan for the day.

When I started doing these things, everything came into alignment. I had space and time to think clearly about my vision and what my Kingdom could look like.

Which is why I put together an e-Course called Rise and Reign.

It’s the modern man’s fast-track guide to taking ownership over his day.

Starting the day on the right foot can make you feel better. And when you feel better, you do better. You put yourself on the path of fulfillment.

Rise and Reign is the perfect supplement to the book and I have every confidence that it will dramatically change the outlook of anyone and everyone who has the drive to join me, and discover how to achieve and live their best lives.

Real talk: this is no ordinary hangout full of empty cheerleading and rehashed self-help motivation. It’s a distillation of techniques and methods I’ve pulled together from a variety of sources, disciplines, and experiences, then transformed into a single coherent, practical methodology to push myself out of stagnation, and into personal power.

It’s taken me some time to really think it all through, and put it together into one streamlined system, but it’s there. It’s ready. And I’m ready.

Are YOU ready?

Ready to leave behind feeling empty at the end of the day? Ready to say “so long” to wasting time? Ready to stop hitting the snooze button and jump out of bed excited each morning? Ready to have boundless energy without having to flood your body with caffeine? Ready to get back to the essence of what makes you YOU, and start living the life you crave? The life you deserve?

If the answer is “yes,” then I’m asking you to join me. To experience the power-packed process I’ve made a big part of my life. To unlock the toolbox that has the power to make every day better than the last.

Are you ready to Rise and Reign?

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Here’s What You Get Inside of Rise and Reign

Day 1

Create A Powerful Vision

  • Discover the Science of Achievement vs the Art of Fulfillment
  • Escape and avoid downward cycles
  • ​Create clarity around your vision, purpose, desires
  • ​Understand why developing a plan for your days leads to a plan for your life
  • ​Create a self fulfilling prophecy of success that leads to more actionable items for progress

Day 2

Set Inspiring Outcomes, Not Goals

  • Understand why outcomes are more desirable than goals
  • Commit to the vision you’ve set in 1 year
  • ​Set 90-day and 1-year outcomes to track you progress
  • ​Discern the areas of your life that you can have the biggest impact
  • Choose your own preferred outcomes instead of someone else’s

Day 3

Dial In Your Clear Action Plan

  • Stop lying to yourself and evaluate where you are now
  • Use the Wheel of Life tool to discern where your life is lacking
  • ​Quantify and qualify where you can better use your time
  • ​Prioritize what is most important vs what is urgent
  • Create your winning day and weekly plan

Day 4

Execute With Simplicity

  • Easy steps you can take to win every single day​
  • Improve your evening routine to improve productivity
  • ​​Start owning your mornings instead of rushing through them
  • ​Simple methods you can use to crush tasks and create time freedom
  • ​Create and instill healthy daily habits

Total Value: $199

Get Rise and Reign

Just One Payment of $199 $47

(Save over 76% for a Limited time)

Complete My Order Now!


100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Take 30 days to go through the Rise and Reign program, and if it does not help you have mornings and that are more focused and purposeful, I’ll refund your order! This program was made for you. And I believe in standing behind my products. The last thing I want to do is see you waste time and money with something that you don’t use. Just contact within 30 days of I’ll have your payment refunded. You have absolutely nothing to lose and the world to gain!