Risk Taking and Entrepreneurship with Tom Ortolf

by Jul 26, 2021

Balancing risk and success.

When the opportunity for change strikes, it’s important to act fast on it. 

Interestingly, many of the people I’ve interviewed have stories of making quick decisions that got them where they are today. While they certainly made mistakes and missed out early in life, the reason they got where they are today was because they jumped almost immediately. 

And my guest on today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, Tom Ortolf, is no different. 

As a seasoned entrepreneur and corporate success, his life was a constant balance of risk and reward. He worked for companies like Taco Bell and helped launch the Dish Network, where he now serves on the Board of Directors. 

Tom’s journey only truly kicked off when he chose to work hard and take the opportunities that came to him. It led him down a path he never expected to be on… And now he’s sharing his story and insight with us! 

Check out this episode for a deep dive into how you can achieve a winning mindset.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Former President and COO of Ecosphere (DISH Network). (1:03)
  • Early formative years and the power of a mentor. (14:08)
  • International business & Harvard. (31:21)
  • Sputnik & Ecosphere. (47:56)
  • Leaving Taco Bell. (1:05:13)
  • Great Clips, Super Cuts, Mailboxes Ect. (1:19:19)
  • The hammer used against franchisees. (1:31:44)

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