Science of Achievement vs the Art of Fulfillment

by Apr 24, 2020

Why is that so many people know what to do however they don’t do what they know? That phrase has come up SO many times over the 10+ years I’ve been coaching and the truth is that most people only focus their attention to half of the equation. The Science of Achievement is all about performance in life while The Art of Fulfillment is all about the juice and what fills you up as a person. To succeed in life without being fulfilled is failure.

In this episode we talk about…

  • How to combat boredom in life (1:00)
  • The importance of celebrating (3:58)
  • The science vs the art (6:00)
  • The secret to true wealth (10:40)
  • The loneliest place on earth (13:15)
  • What makes YOU happy? (15:57)