Seeking Truth & Authenticity with Uriel Berrum

by Jan 10, 2022

Clarity of Purpose and Action

Uriel Berrum has education at the forefront of his mind. His goal to bring adequate technology to every child that needs it is not only a worthy cause, but one he’s poured his whole life into. It’s an ambitious goal, but one that he’s actively working toward all the time. What does he attribute his success and drive to? 

Being active vs being passive.

Life is so fast paced and ever-changing. Taking life in as it comes to you is not a recipe for handling stress well. Uriel tries to attack life in a way that gives him full autonomy and empowers him to live his dream as an entrepreneur. Another integral part of the proactive mindset is being willing to start over and admit that your plan isn’t working. 

On this deep and wide-ranging episode of Becoming Kings, Uriel walks us through his journey, the roadblocks he’s met along the way, and how being proactive in seeking clarity has led to him living a fulfilling life.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Effect and Education Technology. (2:11)
  • Education, the great equalizer. (9:43)
  • The balance of preparation and trust. (19:23)
  • Discipline and ironman training. (28:24)
  • Clarity of purpose creates clarity of action. (37:27)
  • Difference between competition and comparison. (45:13)

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