Shame and The Nice Guy with Author Dr. Robert Glover

by Oct 19, 2020

No more Mr. Nice Guy!

A lot of us probably hear that phrase and chuckle a little bit. Whether you remember an old cartoon or another instance where it was used for comic relief… it’s really no laughing matter! 

Because the truth is, you’re likely a nice guy (or gal). 

A people pleaser. Co-dependent. The “Yes, Dear,” type. And you know what? I was too. 

You can be nice, even good, and still be really bad for your partner. So, how do you break the cycle? That’s where Dr. Robert Glover comes in. 

He’s a coach, licensed marriage therapist, and the author of “No More Mr. Nice Guy!” Dr. Glover is the man who’s going to help you break out of the nice guy shell, get what you want out of life, and be a better partner if you’re in a romantic relationship. 

Once you realize the root cause of being “nice” you’ll be able to heal a lot of pain, and defeat some really bad habits in your life. So, if you’re ready to dig in and take the gloves off, you’ll want to listen to this episode.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • The Nice Guy Syndrome. (2:04)
  • Cooperative, Reciprocal Relationships. (9:50)
  • Dealing with toxic shame. (19:20)
  • Facing the dragons. (26:05)
  • Being conscious, connected, present. (35:12)
  • Handling shame in relationships. (43:56)
  • Isolation from same sex friendships. (49:11)

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