Sitting Still with Coach Chance Taureau

by Apr 26, 2021

Loss, biker clubs, and transformative living.

Growing up on a reservation gave Chance a completely different view of life than many of us are used to. He’s seen many different facets of life, from rolling with a biker club and breaking the law, to coping through the death of his brother. 

Everything that he’d experienced ought to have hardened his heart, however he defied the odds and found freedom in living as a transformed man. Today, he’s a coach and radically committed to improving the lives of others. 

He left behind the club, came to terms with the loss of his brother, settled down… and learned to love himself. 

Chance recently spoke at my men’s event, the Meeting of Men, where he shared the power of living an authentic and interesting life. The words he shared with us touch nearly everyone in the room, and I think what we discuss today will do the same for you, at home. 

In this episode we’re digging into the depths of his story to discover how to deal with what life sends at us, live purposefully, and find joy in the day-to-day.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Find your vibe gateway. (3:16)
  • Fractured childhood relationships. (12:17)
  • Too scared to give your full heart. (21:15)
  • We don’t sit still enough. (29:49)
  • The intoxication of adventure. (38:53)
  • We are not simple creatures. (48:56)
  • Coaching with Chance. (57:12)

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