Smooth Operator

by Aug 14, 2020

You know what they say: you always remember your first… kiss(es)!

As you’ve come to learn from me, I wasn’t the smoothest kid. I was a momma’s boy, trouble maker, and everything else you’d expect from a young Johnny King (except that I was NOT great with ladies at all). So when I was old enough to date, I was a bit clueless. 

How clueless?

Signals. I didn’t even get what signals were. I knew what I needed to do and yet, I just wouldn’t do it. Ah, the joys of adolescent obliviousness! I was so smooth I had two girlfriends the same year. Whoops! We’ve all been there though, it’s hard to hold down a relationship when your hormones are raging, and anxiety is high. 

In another episode of “story time,” we’re going to dive deep into my teenage love life, and laugh about how “smooth” I was.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Schweddy palms. (1:47)
  • Six Flags is the land of opportunity. (4:10)
  • Mr. Smiles. (8:06)
  • Nothing says romance like hypothermia. (10:10)
  • Privacy and carbohydrates. (14:20)
  • Missed it by…THAT much. (17:25)

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