Spiritual Awakening with Stephan Spencer

by Sep 20, 2021

Cultivating deeper connection.

On first impression, Stephan Spencer doesn’t seem like the “spiritual type.” He’s a highly successful SEO expert, 3-time author, podcaster, and business consultant. 

And when you strip away the business talk, you find a man connected deeply to himself and spiritual energies. A long-time student of Tony Robbins, his life was fundamentally changed when he completed the iconic fire walk. 

Becoming spiritually awakened was the foundational moment for his future—opening previously unimaginable doors to him. 

Whether he’s sharing SEO secrets in his content, imparting truths about professional development at speaking events, or getting candid about his spirituality, Stephan is all around compelling, brilliant, and thought provoking. 

On this episode of the Becoming Kings podcast, we go deep into spirituality, romance, connection to something greater, and principles to live by.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Surrendering to attracting the ideal mate. (2:18)
  • A revealing of the matrix & a spiritual awakening. (11:38)
  • Achieving completion of the soul contract. (20:37)
  • An LSD trip without the LSD. (31:32)
  • You can avoid the Mack Truck wrecking your life. (40:03)
  • The awakening is contagious and spreading. (46:37)

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