Step into The Arena in 2021

by Jan 1, 2021

Be the “doer of deeds.”

The guys in my mastermind have been tackling the aspects of their lives they want to change with full force. They’ve confided their fears, sorrow, and their loss of control in me… and yet they saw a future where they could be the person they want to be. 

I do this work because I was in their shoes in the past. I’d felt that I’d lost everything in one fell swoop and knew something needed to change. I sought help, did the work, and began to study what it meant to be a man. It was my pursuit of finding my greatness that led me to a quote from Teddy Roosevelt that you’ll hear in the episode. 

It was in this time of my life that I decided to stop watching others fight for the lives they wanted and climbed into the ring myself. Which is why I want to issue a challenge to you: look at where you’ve been and look at where you want to go this year. Then step up. 

If you feel it’s time to start fighting for your future, you’ll want to join me for the first The Johnny King Show episode of 2021. Challenge yourself, and become a “doer of deeds.” Let’s go!!

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • It is not the critic… (0:33)
  • From the grandstands into the Arena. (2:59)
  • Results focused Mastermind. (6:10)
  • What if you’re feeling completely lost? (8:11)
  • Create a life you can be proud of. (9:42)

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