Stop Giving a F#%@!

by Dec 24, 2021

Progress Over Perfection

We’re here from New York City, one more time. Thanks for joining me today. In the last episode, we talked about stepping into the fear no matter what. You know what though? At times I have let the fear drive me into not taking action at all, especially when I was younger. 

Everything had to be perfect. Everything needed to be the best version of what it could be. Zero blemishes. Until I realized that was not going to be possible, I wouldn’t be able to account for everything. 

So much of life is doing the best you can, even if it isn’t your very best and then just keep moving forward. Consistency over time is better than putting in 100% effort all of the time because 100% probably won’t happen. 

Keep moving forward even in the face of shame and rejection. Focus on taking action. You’ve got this.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Live, on location in the Big Apple. (0:47)
  • Shame and lack of commitment. (4:01)
  • Action over perfection. (7:23)
  • Keep moving forward! (11:14)
  • 1% progress consistently over time. (13:57)

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