Stop Judging, Start Inquiring

by Feb 17, 2021

Put down the gavel, man.

Some of us got one of those big judgers hanging out in our heads. You know, the voice that relentlessly calls you out for things you have no business paying attention to. 

The problem is, it’s a pattern that can take over. How many times have you lost your way on something because of the judgement you face inside? If you’re like me, you might have thought you put the guy to bed, permanently, only to discover the judging just became sneakily subtle. 

And man is it frustrating to notice how often we passively undermine our efforts day over day. Instead of feeling bad, and wondering what it would be like to not judge yourself, I want to present a different path forward:


Take the judgement to task by putting it on the stand. Make the judgement explain itself, and treat whatever it’s covering for. I’m going to teach you how in this episode of The Johnny King Show.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Do you judge yourself or others a lot? (0:56)
  • Going back for a second listen. (2:52)
  • Healthy and unhealthy judgement. (4:59)
  • Politics and judgement are a horrible combination. (7:13)
  • That damn mechanical bull. (9:16)
  • Replacing judgement with curiosity. (10:51)

Listen to the episode

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