Stop Making Decisions Out of Fear

by Dec 23, 2021

Do it anyway.

This episode of the Becoming Kings is coming to you from the Big Apple. That’s right folks, I’m in New York City. The decision to come to New York City alone was made when even when I was fearful. Before I booked the flight, there were many people telling me, “you shouldn’t go, there’s a new covid variant, it’s crowded,” and everything else in between. 

So often we live our life out of fear. We do or do not do things because we’re fearful. It’s okay to be afraid, when it can become an issue is when you let it stop you — especially when that fear is coming from other people

Answer this: where in your life do you have things you want to accomplish, yet you continue to give power an external factor and how you show up? Double down on the risk that’s going to light you up.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • All about that Central Park action. (0:53)
  • Don’t be an idiot. (5:12)
  • Your fear list. (9:52)
  • You care more about your need for growth. (14:51)
  • Stay above the line and take care of you. (18:49)

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