Stop Trying NOT to Be Something

by Apr 30, 2021

Cultivating the next generation.

Without healing I would have never found my purpose. I mean that! 

I’ve talked at length about the “father wound,” in the past. My father definitely did the best he could with me and my siblings. Even then, I had certain pains from our relationship that I needed to come to terms with to find my path forward. 

And until I did that, I constantly felt stuck. 

Our call as men is to rear the next generation and leave a meaningful legacy… Which totally interferes with our often ingrained desire to coast through life. It was through doing the work I found that instinct came from the pain AND not from what I wanted. 

What’s important here, and something we’ll unpack in the episode, is this idea that all it takes is starting the journey. Too often we get caught in the “could be,” “would be,” and other similar thoughts. 

These can keep us from making a simple mental pivot toward healing. So on this episode of The Johnny King Show, you’re going to learn how to start being something with a shift you can make today!

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Are you a nice guy or a bad boy? (0:36)
  • The childhood wound. (3:14)
  • Living my life NOT being “that guy”. (5:58)
  • The price of admission to play life? (8:32)
  • Focus on what you want! (10:57)
  • Nice anxious guys & bad avoidant boys. (13:24)

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