Strip Your Life of Distraction

by Sep 26, 2022

Stop wasting your attention.

It’s fascinating to me that we live in an attention-based economy. Rather than exchanging money for products and services, we’re giving away our most valuable resources: time, focus, and attention. All for distraction.

Think about it. Everything vies for your attention. That TV commercial you’re watching, the content on your Instagram feed, and even the people closest to you all want your focus. So many people are quick to give their attention away even though time is our most precious resource. How much could you achieve if ALL of your attention was focused on your goals?

In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, I share some principles about channeling your focus for maximum achievement. As a man, you should be focusing on what you ultimately want out of your life. Sometimes we’re so distracted that we forget about our passions, what makes us fulfilled, and how we’re achieving our goals. Take some time to do that today.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • JK back in the HOUSE! (0:46)
  • Making a voyage back in 1620. (4:18)
  • The US is so young comparatively. (9:09)
  • What IS boredom really telling us? (13:58)
  • Breaking free from the mundane. (18:13)

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