Stronger the Wind, Stronger the Trees

by Jul 16, 2020

Poetry is always a great reminder to look within…

There’s something about poetry that sticks in my head. Maybe it’s because of the rhyming, or perhaps they’re tied to fond memories from my childhood. 

Either way, poetry was the way we humans have passed down wisdom for centuries. Have you ever just sat down with some poetry and let it sink in? You can learn a lot. 

While this episode is short and sweet, it gets to the heart of one of the biggest lessons we learn as adults: weathering the storm is difficult. 

In those moments where we feel like the wind is going to topple us, we need to dig our roots deeper. As the poem I’ll read you in this episode says: “The stronger winds, the stronger trees.” If we want to be the best we can be, we must resolve to make it through the storm. 

When we see hardship as a means to help us get stronger, just about anything is possible.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • A Poem: Good Timber. (1:08)
  • Life brings challenges, challenges brings growth. (3:10)
  • The cost of being emotionally unfit. (5:47)
  • My 24 hour challenge for you. (8:34)
  • What are you learning from each of life’s challenges? (9:50)

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