Takeaways from 2020

by Dec 30, 2020

A pandemic, protests, and an election… It’s been quite the year.

Thank God, it’s New Year’s Eve Eve. We’ve seen the holidays come and pass, and nothing too substantially crazy has happened to cap off the year (here’s to hoping it stays that way). With 2020 almost in the rearview mirror, I’ve been wondering, “What’s next for me?” 

I’ve experienced many ups and downs, big wins, and even some low points. And I really don’t want to see 2021 be some sort of habitual repeat of 2020. So, it’s important for me, and I’m sure for you, to set some time aside to think. 

Reflection is something that can deeply affect your decision making for the better, however you need to be intentional about it. Dig into your pains, failures, and also everything that went well. Think of reflecting as cleaning your mental mirror. 

In this short episode, I’m going to challenge you to get clear on what you want for the future. Thank you for your continued support of the podcast, and for making 2020 a year worth remembering in my book. See you on the other side!

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • This year in review. (0:59)
  • Are you learning from your failures? (2:41)
  • What are you using as an investment in yourself? (4:44)
  • What is your 2020 story? (6:20)
  • Exercise: Start, Stop and Continue doing… (7:27)

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