The Art of Hunting with James Kircher

by Dec 14, 2020

What does it  mean to be a hunter?

Why hunt when we can shop for meat at the store or local butcher? Why take the life of an animal for sport? Despite the air of cruelty that we’re often told hunting has, my good friend James has a different take: when done purposefully hunting is an art, an act of respect to nature. 

And while it certainly is NOT a necessity, it’s been passed down to him through generations. It’s a survival skill he holds dear and will continue to pass down… plus James likes to know where his food is coming from. We’re recording this episode on the way back from an (unsuccessful) antelope hunt, and we both have many thoughts on the experience. 

So, who is James, exactly? Well he’s a coach for dads and hunters (or anyone who wants to step into that way of life). He teaches these men how to stay or get into shape so that they can conquer the mountains of Colorado, rather than be conquered by them.

Delve into the practicality, spirituality, and naturalism that comes with mastering the art of hunting on this episode of The Johnny King Show.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • James’ Business. (3:13)
  • The Science of Hunting. (8:42)
  • The circle of life. (14:11)
  • Giving honor to the fallen. (18:53)
  • What’s the purpose behind killing? (24:00)
  • Touching base with James. (28:31)

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