The Art of Masculinity with Johnny Elsasser

by Jan 18, 2021

From military special ops to men’s leadership coach.

Many men fail to put themselves under existential review. We’ve inherited broken blueprints of masculinity from the men in our lives, and it’s time to find out what we can do to fix it. 

That’s where Johnny Elsasser comes in. 

Being a hardass in the military wasn’t the answer to finding his masculinity. It took having his first marriage break down and undergoing immense change to realize what it looked like to be a man. Taking time alone to think and talk with himself was the catalyst to being active in his growth. 

It’s all about paralleling your actions with your words. Everything we do, or don’t, teaches others about who we are… and it’s even more true if you have a family. Your kids learn from watching you, which is why it’s so important to take a stand and find healthy masculinity. 

Some of us may be older than others, however it’s never too late to take a stand and be the man you want to be. Johnny Elsasser and I are here to break it all down for you, from military masculinity to loving fatherhood. 

This interview is one you won’t want to miss!

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Just skating by. (1:47)
  • Excuses be gone! Wayne Dyer (9:30)
  • Our sense of identity. (18:37)
  • Imprinting of powerful ways of being. (26:19)
  • Intimidation vs wholeness. (35:08)
  • The Wild Man Experience! (42:59)

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