The Bachelor Ben Higgins Talks Mental Health

by Sep 21, 2020

What’s life after the Bachelor and Bachelorette like?

It turns out that Ben Higgins really loves working and being in love. You thought that being on a reality show like the Bachelor was somehow an indicator for a shallow life? Think again. 

During this brief interview, we dive into what it’s like to be engaged after a reality show. 

Love in the real world is a lot different than on the television (as I so often illustrate on this show). For Ben, it’s been such an enriching experience to work to improve himself for the woman he loves, without the pressure of the camera. 

While he’s used to rarely landing in Denver (where he lives), COVID has forced him to return home, and has given him a lot of extra time to care for himself and his mental health. Being able to reflect and think has been an enriching experience for Ben as he prepares for marriage and life beyond COVID. 

Join Ben and I for our eye-opening discussion about love, mental health, and business during COVID.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Ben Higgins and Bachelor Nation. (1:33)
  • Seasons of feeling vs numbness. (5:21)
  • The one minute pause. (10:36)
  • Dealing with anxiousness. (16:41)
  • Giving back through non-profits. (22:25)
  • Ben’s #1 secret to high performance no one knows. (26:51)

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