The Equation of Fulfillment

by Jan 28, 2022

The chase is always on…

It’s the 300th episode of the Becoming Kings podcast! I’m in the podcast business for the long haul, so it was a good time to reflect on how far we’ve come, and how long the road ahead is. That reflection also made me realize that happiness and fulfillment aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive. 

If you think about it, happiness can be so fleeting. No matter what happens in our lives, happiness can ebb and flow. Rarely does anyone wake up day after day filled with joy. Accepting life’s ups and downs is part and parcel of understanding our own wants and needs. What we can find consistency in is fulfillment. 

Fulfillment is able to be distilled down to what it is we desire most. Identifying and chasing your purpose every day is a goal we can all attain and strive for every day. So on this 300th episode of Becoming Kings, I want you to figure out what it is you want most and relentlessly chase fulfillment.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Playing the loooooong game. (1:05)
  • Happiness is fleeting. (5:32)
  • Happiness vs fulfillment. (9:51)
  • The success of being fulfilled. (14:32)
  • Commitment to being Kings & Queens. (18:16)

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