The Five Types of Relationships

by Jun 30, 2021

Understanding the dynamics you have with others.

Even though my past relationships have been failures, I’ve learned a lot from them. Odds are you’ve also had your fair share of (romantic or platonic) relationships tank and blow up… Yet have you stopped to wonder why? 

Knowing what you two had can be very telling about what your needs were, while also helping you figure out which type of relationship works best for you. 

And while the “perfect” relationship may not exist—people are messy—it’s possible to get close to it when you know a lot more about yourself, what you’re looking for, and why you’re looking for it. 

Many of my relationships were fueled by my parental wounds, yet it wasn’t until I started addressing them that I found some release from the same dating patterns I’d established to cover those up. 

This is why I’m bringing you the wise counsel of Christine Hassler (my coach) and her husband Stef. Check out this episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast to learn about your relationship dynamics and how to improve them.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Get my book intro FREE. (0:51)
  • The 5 types of relationships. (3:49)
  • The Compatibility Relationship. (7:38)
  • Fantasy-based Relationship. (10:51)
  • The mature evolution of relationship growth. (14:27)
  • Can you evolve or are you destined for an expiration date? (18:55)

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