The Freedom Stay Curious and Listen with Dave Momper

by Nov 30, 2020

We thrive on choice when we don’t allow conclusions to rule us.

If you’ve been missing long-form interview episodes from me, then you’re in luck! 

This week I welcome my good friend Dave Momper to the mic, so that we can get a little philosophical, somewhat political, and fairly philosophical about choice, freedom, and our ability to listen. 

Before you ask, let me tell you a little about Dave:

He’s a professional leadership development coach who helps corporate teams draw out their best performance potential by teaching them to hone their listening skills AS a personal discipline. 

Clear, concise, and intentional communication can go a long way in boosting long-term performance, while also improving the quality of personal relationships. And in a year where people have a hard time listening and deciphering all that’s going on, Dave can help you make sense of all the noise.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Nature Dave strikes again! (0:55)
  • Thrival Concepts & leadership development. (2:08)
  • Fireside chatting & Christmas cheer. (12:27)
  • Johnny King don’t care. (25:37)
  • Using your voice for freedom. (37:47)
  • The biggest pitfall in all of our human interactions… (49:09)
  • Imagine a world where we weren’t allowed to think critically? (59:58)
  • The guide to meaningful conversations. (1:08:32)

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  1. Shawn Michael Walker

    Let me TELL YOU! Dame Momper is Amazing! Think about that!

  2. Shawn Michael Walker

    Let me TELL YOU! Dave Momper is Amazing! Think about that!