The Healing Power of Tough Conversations with Mike Liguori

by May 23, 2022

Scarcity mindset versus abundance mindset

Our mindsets are formed through our childhood experiences and how our parents raised us. And sometimes we end up blaming our parents for some things not panning out the way we’d like.  

It’s easier to blame others than accept responsibility for the circumstances that occurred. You don’t always need to have tough conversations with other people. Sometimes you need to have them with yourself. Shifting that perspective from blame to acceptance is how you begin. That expression leads to a unique form of empowerment and motivation. 

In today’s episode of the Becoming Kings Podcast, I sit down with Mike Liguori to dive into the topic of parents, living as a modern man, and dealing with the past. We share some key concepts about being open and honest with our parents, seeking approval, and the power of forgiveness.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Whenever that was. (0:46)
  • The bar you’re always trying to surpass. (10:32)
  • Taking responsibility for your life. (23:17)
  • Acceptance & forgiveness of the past. (35:36)
  • Being intentional with BEING a man. (46:18)
  • Seeking his father’s approval. (56:33)

Buy his book here: “The Road Ahead and Miles Behind: A Story of Healing and Redemption Between Father and Son” by Mike Liguori

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