The High Cost of Unresolved Trauma

by Dec 17, 2021

How Mando taught me a lesson about trauma 

Impactful life lessons often come at the most unexpected time. The latest one for me came while walking my dog, Mando, who is now traumatized by a very intimidating trash can. But the more I thought about Mando’s traumatic experience with the trash can, as well as other dogs, something occurred to me. 

Unhealed trauma forces us to act to protect ourselves rather than fight for the things we want. 

Unless you deal with these unhealed wounds in your life — your triggers — you’ll never be able to enjoy anything because you’re giving your power away. It is imperative that we develop the tools needed to heal and move past trauma. 

Let’s talk about not only how to deal with these unresolved traumas, but the world of possibilities that lay on the other side of them. Minimizing ourselves is no longer an option. This episode of Becoming Kings is dedicated to living and loving as much as we’ve got, unapologetically.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

Episode 281: In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Life is like a box of…strawberries. (1:00)
  • Imprinted trauma. (4:50)
  • You’ve got to get better tools. (9:33)
  • You CAN do this with the right support. (13:56)
  • You’re robbing yourself by not healing your trauma. (17:34)

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