The Importance of Transformative Experiential Work with Michael Gay

by Jun 13, 2022

Transformation instead of interpretation

When one lacks a belief system that helps them find their place in the world, they’ll sink like a rock. Michael Gay felt his soul wilting and knew there had to be something to reinvigorate it. 

He found the answer in his own spirit and inner work on parts of his soul that had long been ignored. Michael found that by digging deep into experiential work, one can tap into a wellspring of knowledge that infinitely expands their levels of vitality, fulfillment, and spiritual wellbeing. 

For those who are brave enough to do the work yet haven’t found the right fit, more experiential and embodied spiritual work could be the solution they’ve missed in more mainstream therapeutic techniques. 

While cognitive and intellectual therapy can be beneficial, Michael has found that the shift men need is often found in the places they were least likely to look. On this episode of the Becoming Kings podcast, we’ll search those dark corners of the soul and discover solutions we previously never thought possible.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Get EXCITED! (0:46)
  • Explaining adulthood to a child. (9:33)
  • How men learns through modeling. (20:44)
  • The stages of culture creation. (33:28)
  • The power of transformational group experiences. (42:47)
  • The shadow side of our virtues. (50:22)

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