The Invisible Relationship Saboteur

by Oct 8, 2021

What it means to be a spy in a relationship…

During the September 2021 Meeting of Men, Traver Boehm spoke about covert contracts within relationships. What the heck is a covert contract? 

Communication is key to any healthy relationship. As much as we may want to read minds, we aren’t able to yet. When it comes to relationships — in this case romantic relationships — we must communicate to one another so that a win-win situation is created. 

Covert contracts are agreements you’ve created without having communicated it with your partner. When those contracts are created resentment can occur…have you experienced that before? Doing something for your partner and expecting something in return, but not getting it?

This time on the Becoming Kings podcast, we’re giving tips to improve communication with your partner so resentment isn’t created in the relationship. And did you hear, Becoming Kings the book is coming out on October 12th! Check out to get on the list and be notified the moment it’s available.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Covert Contracts. (2:01)
  • Your needs are my needs. (5:03)
  • We’re never taught how to communicate. (8:30)
  • You must speak your needs clearly. (11:56)
  • Relationships that stand the test of time. (14:37)

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