The Life Cycle of a Romantic Relationship

by Nov 9, 2020

Every relationship follows a series of steps towards success or failure.

What step of the relationship lifecycle are you on? Maybe you’re on Step 1: the low-stakes, low-expectations interest stage where you’ve booked coffee together. Maybe you’re on Step 6: in the midst of relational bliss with devotion and working to keep things interesting! 

Others are at the end of their relationships, or anywhere in between. It’s important we understand where our relationships are because we may miss some green lights, or even red flags that we should take seriously. 

The truth is, relationships are tricky and because each person is different, some aspects are going to happen at different times. It’s also increasingly important to keep things novel and fresh if you’re in a long-term relationship, which means you need to know where you’ve come from so that you can keep your spouse or significant other interested, engaged, and cared for. 

If relationships are on your mind, you won’t want to miss out on this comprehensive list of the 8 stops along the “relationship lifecycle.”

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Conception to Death of a Relationship. (0:51)
  • Stages one, two and three. (4:53)
  • Agreement on the values within a relationship. (9:16)
  • What happens if the devotion is not maintained? (14:27)
  • Distance and isolation increases. (18:55)
  • Are you devoted to it long term? (23:06)

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