The Marlboro Man vs The Nice Guy

by Mar 9, 2022

Finding the middle ground is harder than it seems

There has been a distinct paradigm shift in our society the last 100 years. As time has gone on, men have developed from primal, brutal outlooks and interpretations of their worldview. Their emotions took a backseat toward conquering whatever it was in front of them. Survival was paramount. 

As time and tide has crashed against men and society as a whole, it has steadily chipped away at men’s expectations of their own nature. How we perceive ourselves has been subject to changing expectations in society, social movements that have brought progress and confusion, and the evolution of technology and its role in our lives.

Men are stuck between trying to live up to the Marlboro Man figure of old, and the new Nice Guy, who is subjected to other’s whims and desires, except their own. On this episode of Becoming Kings, I discuss some of the resources at our disposal that can help us in navigating this paradigm shift.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Man Uncivilized. (0:52)
  • F your feelings. (3:18)
  • The SNAG paradigm. (7:19)
  • Feeling the pressure to perform. (10:58)
  • Commit yourself to doing the work. (14:19)

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