The Masculine Intimacy Cycle – Men Are Like Rubber Bands

by May 25, 2020

Masculine intimacy is like a rubber band, if it’s stretched too far it could lose its elasticity.

In episode 32, I introduced this idea of a “Masculine Intimacy Cycle.”

After some feedback from listeners that they wanted to learn more, I decided to follow up and explain a bit more about this concept of intimacy for men being like a rubber band. Intimacy is tricky because it’s way too easy to fall into codependence, which isn’t good for anyone in the relationship. That doesn’t mean that things need to stay codependent.

Healthy masculinity is all about being a strong leader, without being mean, domineering, and dismissive. The best way to strive for being healthy in a relationship is to understand that you and your partner NEED space. As they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder, space needs to be created to create desire and want.

Of course that doesn’t mean ignoring your partner. It means that you need to create systems to be autonomous, and have the energy to be decisive in the relationship. A lot of guys think they do this, yet it’s not done in a way that gives them what they need to come back ready to invest in the relationship.

In this episode I’m going to show you how you can avoid being passive and create a healthier intimacy cycle.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Why men are like rubber bands (2:00)
  • How women misinterpret men pulling away (3:27)
  • What every woman should know about men (7:05)
  • If a man doesn’t get a change to pull away (9:05)
  • How are you hard wired? (10:18)

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