The Masculine Intimacy Cycle – When a Man Doesn’t Pull Away

by May 13, 2020

Let me share with you how to rekindle passion in your relationship.

I think many of us witnessed unhealthy relationships as we grew up. Our parents may have been great people individually, yet as kids we notice when something is wrong. At the time we may not have understood what was going on. Somehow, our subconscious could and especially for guys, we’ve learned improper intimacy behaviors. 

In an attempt to learn from the mistakes of the male figures in our lives, we tend to overcorrect. We lose touch with our “masculinity” and we forget how to be autonomous in our romantic relationships. We fail to set healthy boundaries, and eventually we snap back like a rubber band that can’t stretch any further. 

It’s these moments that strain our relationships, and instills even worse habits than we learned. It’s these moments that snuff out the passion we should have for our spouses and significant others. Thankfully, we can learn and change if we put in the effort. 

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus (0:53)
  • The intimacy cycle of a man (1:18)
  • When a man DOESN’T pull away (3:47)
  • Common symptoms of not pulling away (5:22)
  • Obstructions from childhood (7:05)
  • Some men don’t know how to get close (8:15)
  • Why men become passive and lose their passion (9:11)
  • Too much intimacy = kryptonite (12:15)

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