The Masculine’s Greatest Mistake

by Aug 20, 2021

Exploring the “masculine error.”

As men, we really like to think in safe little boxes. 

“When X thing happens, I’ll feel Y emotion.” Problem is, we tend to apply this kind of boxed thinking to our growth and it creates all sorts of dysfunctional thinking patterns that keep us second guessing ourselves. 

How many times have you stopped and said “When I achieve my ideal weight, I’ll feel better about myself?” That’s not very strong motivation to achieve anything, brother. 

When we fully lean into the masculine nature, we can struggle to be nuanced, multi-disciplined, and drive ourselves forward every single day. Which is why on this episode of the Becoming Kings podcast, we’re going to look at “masculine error” so we can learn how to correct course!

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • The Way of The Superior Man. (1:14)
  • Take 15 minutes to change your life. (4:54)
  • Stop “One day I’m gonna…” thinking! (9:01)
  • Create a lifestyle you can fall in love with. (13:27)
  • It’s all about that sand, man. (17:10)

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