The Mother Wound

by Jun 2, 2021

Figuring out what needs to be healed.

Many of us struggle with persistently running the same patterns we learned in childhood, as adults.

It’s a bit like Groundhog Day, where instead of living the same day over and over, similar stimuli force you into the same set of conversations, thoughts, and habits. 

In my life I’ve found this kind of situation is caused by barriers created by relational wounds. Most have been caused by my father, however I’ve recently discovered that the rest of the picture may be dictated by the wounds my mother has left. 

Only thing is, these are a bit harder to address because my mother passed away some years ago. In the present, I’ve been working with my coach to start doing the work of understanding (and overcoming) the damage. As we’ve talked, it’s become increasingly clear to me that many other people in the world are living with these wounds totally unaddressed

They’ve negatively impacted my life, and that’s why in this episode we’re digging in, breaking up the scar tissue, and truly beginning the healing process. My hope is that after you’re done listening you can experience the release of healing by having those conversations with your parents (or parental figures).

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • One week away from the podcast rebrand. (0:57)
  • Time to step into The Arena. (1:18)
  • Play a big game. (4:32)
  • Happy day or meltdown? (7:52)
  • Mr. Pleaser and Mr. Resentment. (10:51)
  • Speak those needs my man! (14:11)
  • The mother and father wounds. (16:23)

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