The Power of Income Producing Assets

by Oct 6, 2021

Cash is King.

Is cash really king, or is cash flow king? I grew up hearing “cash is king, cash is king,” however regardless of the amount of cash I may have in the back doesn’t change the amount of stress I feel in life. 

The more cash flow I have in my life will keep stress away. Let’s talk cash flow for a moment, any passive income coming into the bank allows for more time spent doing what I want. We know where we spend our time matters, and what we spend our time doing matters. 

The more you can look to lower your fixed expenses and eliminate those large expenses, the sooner you can let go of that financial stress. Then you can lean into the life you want, the one that drives you forward. 

This time on the Becoming Kings podcast, we’re diving deep into what it means to have cash flow and the unconventional ways you can acquire income producing assets.

In this episode you’ll learn about…

  • What’s your greatest asset? (0:45)
  • Surprise! Money doesn’t make you happy. (5:13)
  • Turo. (11:25)
  • Sunday evening dread. (17:53)
  • Knowing that you’re enough. (22:39)
  • Automated income. (26:59)

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